Welcome to Adventureland

Even more precision stroller parking!

As I mentioned before there are some areas of TDL that are just spooky. Are we in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Anaheim, or are we in TDL? For some reason they have incorporated New Orleans Square into TDLs' Adventureland. 

They even have a Blue Bayou Restaurant with a PS stand.


One thing we notice quickly, was fact that every sign was Bi-lingual. English then Japanese.

The one most elegant dinners we have ever had a Disneyland Park.

We were pleasantly surprised  to find all the silverware engraved with "BB" for Blue Bayou.


Since there is no Main Street Station, the TDL Western River Railroad station is located in Adventureland. However, the train mainly circles Westernland (TDLs' Fronteirland), and has only one station. I was told, because of Japanese Rail regulations, if the the TDL Rail Road were to have more than one stop it would be considered a working rail road, and not an atraction. This would require TDLs' Rail Road to post time schedules and fares.  

Another Helpful Cast Member!


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